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Real original, huh?

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- All characters in the the Naruto anime/manga are options. Refer to the character list here (Updated: 12/24/08) if you need any help.


1) Please use an LJ-cut when submitting an application.
2) You need to submit a regular application before you submit any subsequent themes.
3) This is not a quiz where you have to select an answer stereotypical of one character. Your answers should reflect who you are, not what character you want to be seen as. A few words won't tell much.
4) You will be stamped within 1-5 days of posting your application. You may go for a re-stamp if you disagree with who you've been stamped as, as soon as you have been stamped. Re-stamping is always open but please make sure you indicate that you're going for a re-stamp and which character you got previously stamped as in order to avoid getting votes for the same character again.
5) Please be at least 13 years old. This is more of an LJ rule than a community-specific one.
6) Play nice, this isn't a bashing community. You will be banned if you disrespect other members or the mods.
7) To prove that you've read through the rules, please type "Journey starts in Konoha" in the subject line. If you do not, we will assume you haven't read the rules. You would be warned if you do not have the subject line and if you ignore the warning, your application would be deleted.
8) Please bold your votes. You can vote someone as up to a maximum three characters if you're really unsure. Try to keep an open mind when voting -- there are over 300 manga chapters and over 200 episodes and plenty of minor characters in the series!
9) You can vote if you're not stamped! In your application you must vote on five people. If there are not five unstamped to vote on, just say so in your post. For a list of applications that need more votes, go here.
10) You must join in order to post your own application. You can watch the community for monthly update of themes.
11) Absolutely no cheating in any ways with voting, including for getting friends to vote for your favorite or fake accounts.
12) Try not to bandwagon votes. Explanation would be appreciated.
13) Please do not forget to tag your entries as !needs votes.
14) When voting, please vote on recent applications and by recent, we mean the applications that are currently unstamped at the moment you're applying.

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