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Clan Theme

Name: Hanakage

Please post the links to three applications you've voted on recently:

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3. http://community.livejournal.com/ninjafy/641216.html


General Personality Questions

Strengths: Intelligent, determined, well-spoken, open-minded, easy-going, ambitious, dedicated, hard-working, tolerant, mature, responsible, friendly, honest, humorous, sharp-witted, organized, neat, creative.


Weaknesses: Stubborn, procrastinator, critical of others, easily annoyed, unable to put up with idiocy, blunt, moody, somewhat self-centered, fickle, paranoid, emotionally distant, sometimes lazy, impatient, quick-tempered.


Mature or Immature?: Definitely mature—I’ve been told I’m seventeen going on twenty-seven, and I often feel much older/more mature than some of my peers. But I’m often very silly and immature when I’m around my friends and having a good time.

Leader or Follower?: Leader. I’m typically the one that ends up having to take charge and organize things for everyone else, or nothing will get done.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Pessimistic. It’s just in my nature to see the glass half-empty.

Impulsive or Cautious: Cautious. I tend to think things through.

Outgoing or Shy: Outgoing. I can be a bit shy upon first meeting people, but otherwise I’m quite outgoing.



Okay, for the following questions just try to imagine that you're living in a Hidden Village somewhere and are a member of a specific ninja clan.


What kind of ninjutsu could you see your clan (or yourself) specializing in?: Maybe genjutsu? Or maybe something pertaining to intellect, like techniques that can be used in gathering information.

Would you mind having a specialized bloodline limit?: If it was a really awesome technique, I probably wouldn’t mind. Yet I think I would dislike being part of a clan where bloodline is everything. I don’t think it’s fair to define people on the basis of one sole trait.

Would you want your clan to be very large and powerful within the village boundaries?: Having power would be nice only if clan members weren’t corrupt with power. If a clan had the authority to evoke change for the good of the village, then I think I wouldn’t mind being part of it.

...Even if that meant your clan could possibly have a long history of conflict and/or bloodshed both within itself and out?: No. Can’t say I’m too fond of all the clan drama. I would want to be a part of a clan in which its people care about each other—not a clan where people who claim to be “family” actually despise each other.

Would you be proud to be a member of a clan?: If it did things worth being proud of, then of course.

How would you interact with non-clan members generally?: I’d probably enjoy interacting with non-clan members. Most of my friends have different backgrounds from me, and I like spending time with different people. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

Which should take priority: duty to the village or duty to one's clan?: Clan, most likely. Family and friends are more important than anything.

What kind of role do you think you'd fulfill in a clan setting?: If the clan were anything like my real family, I’d be the hard-working daughter/niece/granddaughter in whom everyone places their hopes for the future. If there were conflicts, I’d probably help try to bring about peaceful resolutions.

And lastly, what kind of group do you envision when you first hear the word "clan"?: A close-knit family group—albeit one full of secrets and expectations.


ATTENTION VOTERS: Please check out the Theme Post to make voting easier...you can open it up in a new window or tab.

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